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Living in Belize - Peaceful Protest in San Ignacio sparks pledge from Prime Minister Dean Barrow E-mail
Expatriate Blog
Friday, 12 October 2012 00:00

The People of Belize GO PURPLE !!!!


The Color Wheel


Belizean PURPLE is on the rise! It's not just about the Belizean Politics of the Blue Party (OR) the Red Party in Belize anymore. It's becoming about the Red (AND) the Blue Parties blending to support anew peaceful PURPLE movement. 




As I am sure most of you remember from (for some of us) long ago: when you were first introduced to your color wheel in elementary school art class, you learned that when you mix the color red with the color blue you get the color purple.

Well you might say that is what is taking place at this very minute in Belize today. People are coming together to support HUMAN issues that involve the basic right to be able to function as a good citizen in society without the menacing few of the society abusing their freedoms by inflicting harm on others. 

The people of Belize are a welcoming society. They are a very diverse society of people living, working, and playing side by side. That is one of the many reasons that Belize is so enjoyable for EXPATS LIVING IN BELIZE


The coming together of the Purple movement of Belizeans in the San Ignacio and Santa Elena demonstration is a peaceful showing of ALL the people no matter what party you belong to : wanting Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Government of Belize to understand that it is time for some definitive action for people who take the liberty to harm others no matter how small or severe the crime. 

The people are so serious about this movement that the whole town literally shut down and came together in the streets of San Ignacio to show support for the families of the latest victims of violent crime in the area and to take a stand. 


Lighting Candles for the young women of Belize
The young women of Belize and their candles










Before we continue with this article, I would like to give respect to the two young university women and their families who were the focus of the candlelight vigil during the demonstration. We wish the families, friends, and neighbors of these two young women our thoughts and prayers. Understand that you have people that you do not know personally that are sending you thoughts of love and a lot of them stepped up, shut down their businesses, and came out in the streets to show their support. We realize this act cannot take away your pain. We hope that it will at least show you that you are not alone and that people around you care.


The message to Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Government of Belize was very clear. There were over 3000 people strong that came out to peacefully show their support for their community. The National Anthem was played at the San Ignacio town circle where people gathered to fellowship with each other and come together for a like cause.


The Belize National Anthem played at the San Ignacio Town Circle

Hector Silva out for the Demonstration in San Ignacio Belize










Take a look at the support the of businesses of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Other than where the people are congregating for the cause, the streets are clear. Businesses are closed in honor of the demonstration to the cause of the Purple movement. These are just a few of the pictures representing the commitment and seriousness of this issue. 


Burns Avenue - one of the most famous and busiest places in San Ignacio & Mr. Greedy's Closed


Burns Avenue in San Ignacio Belize

   Mr Greedy's Closed for the demonstration in San Ignacio Belize

 Rainforest Realty & Codd's Pharmacy Closed

Rainforest Realty closed in honor of the demonstration in San Ignacio Belize

Codd's Pharmacy Closed for San Ignacio Belize demonstration










Everywhere you look - Businesses are closed and streets are empty

Businesses Closed in San Ignacio Belize for Purple movement

 Businesses Closed in San Ignacio for the Purple movementBusinesses Closed in San Ignacio for Purple movement






 Businesses closed in San Ignacio for Purple movementBelize Businesses Closed in San ignacio for the Purple movementBelize Businesses Closed in San ignacio for the Purple movement







Prime Minister Dean Barrow comments on the Purple demonstration in his press conference


It seems that the Purple demonstration at least did get the attention of Prime Minister Dean Barrow as he held a press conference and pledged the following after thanking the people of Belize for a peaceful demonstration. 


Reacting to the civil unrest of the Purple Movement, Prime Minister Dean Barrow sent out a press release promising reforms including:


1. Immediately providing vehicles and additional resources to the Cayo Formation of the Belize Police Department

2. Implement a sexual offenders registry and monitoring system

3. Immediately implement the process of the Integrated ballistics Identification System (IBIS) after the handover of the technology and equipment by the Canadian Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

4. Together with the Magistracy and Judiciary, ensure the proper enforcement of the laws governing denial of bail in cases of sexual and serious offenses against society

5. Working with the Government of the United States to finalize arrangements for an expert in DNA Science to be attached to Belize's National Forensic Science Service for the purpose of mentoring our local analysts and acting as a professional witness for cases requiring forensic evidence. 

6. Strengthen the Police Prosecution branch and institute greater coordination between the Police Department and the Office of the Director of the Public Prosecution for the purpose of greater effectiveness in the investigation and preparation of cases for prosecution. 


Standing up for yourself and your fellow citizens of society

This Purple demonstration is yet another example of why the people of the Cayo District of Belize are so special. To come together and organize such a large civil presentation of unity is a large calling. Then to accomplish this task with such honor and regard for each other and the memory of the young girls says a lot for the conviction and passion the people of Belize have for the health and happiness of their community. 

We salute the community of the Cayo District and the Twin Cities of San Ignacio and Santa Elena!





Reference: Color Wheel Picture from Kidzone

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