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Sheree and Aki Fukai
Thursday, 05 March 2009 00:00

Who are you and where are you coming from?

Sheree & Aki Fukai moved here from Chicagoland area.

What is your activity right now?

We are retired (that's what they call it when you no longer get paid to work) We moved here to do humanitarian work. We are Rotarian's, we are involved with Cornerstone Foundation (an NGO in San Ignacio) we are active in our church St. Andrews and we volunteer (work without pay) in the field of education.

Tell us why you choose to move to Belize?

Belize at first glance is paradise. The weather is wonderful, the land is beautiful rich and green, the people are warm and friendly, the sky at night is crystal clear and you will see stars as you have never seen them before,the exchange rate is easy 1 U.S. Dollar = 2 Belize Dollars and they drive on the same side of the road as in the U.S. All these things are true but when you look further you see a very young country struggling to become a developing nation. If you are not ready for golf and shuffle board and you would like to give back some of the knowledge and time you have been blessed with then Belize is for you. Our life here is full and we feel we are making a difference.

How long have you been in Belize?

Almost 3 years.

What do you miss the most, if anything?

Book Stores and occasionally fast food places.

Did Belize brings you any surprises? Which ones?

Every day is a surprise and I am still amazed at the things I learn. Most surprises are cultural and I am still learning. But on a whole people in Belize wake up in the morning and breath, and laugh and love and grieve like everyone else on the planet. I sometimes get frustrated with the government and lack of resources.

Any advices to give to the readers?

Belize is a wonderful place, but be careful. The safeguards that you take for granted from the country you come from probably are not in place. Be careful in buying property, deal with a reputable firm. Land in Belize is often thought to belong to one person and reality belongs to someone else. Do not assume that you understand the system. I am not sure that even the Belizean's understand the system. If you are thinking of moving here spend some time, perhaps rent make sure you love it as much as we do. Leave your main source of money where ever you come from and transfer what you need to live on. But mainly open yourself up to enjoy!

Do you have something else you would like to share with us?

Belize is not an Island!! We have mountains and pine trees. In the west the land is rolling and lush.


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