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Ron Castagnera: Macaw Bank Jungle Lodge
Monday, 04 May 2009 00:00

Macal BankWho are you and where are you coming from?

My name is Ron Castagnera.

What is your activity right now?

I am the owner operator of Macaw Bank Jungle Lodge. A small eco lodge in the junlges in the Cayo District.

Tell us why you choose to move to Belize?

I chose Belize for many reasons. Belize has everything I dreamed of. Pristine jungles, lots of ecological and cultural diversity, as well as low population.

How long have you been in Belize?

This is my sixth year living in Belize.

What do you miss the most, if anything?

I would say one stop shopping is probably what I miss most.

Did Belize brings you any surprises? Which ones?

The cost of living is much higher than I had anticipated. Belize has also suffered a lot of inflation since my arrival as has the rest of the world.

Any advices to give to the readers?

Accept the fact that life moves at a much slower pave here. If you try to hurry you will more than likely make a mistake and have to do the same task again. Do not expect Belize to be like a western nation, if you do, you will more than likely be disappointed. Respect the Belizean people and make friends. This is a small country and what you do will follow you. Acccept Belize as it is. Do not try to change things. Things will change on Belize time.

Do you have something else to share with us?

Come to belize and enjoy nature. The things we took for granted in the west are luxaries here. Remember, Belize is a very young country and still going through some growing pains.


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